"One of America's best known motivational speakers that will send your leadership stock soaring."


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Attitude: It's an Inside Job!

This keynote presentation by one of America's best known motivational speakers will send your leadership stock soaring. Sprinkled with humor and girded with inspirational stories, Blackie motivates you to look within for answers to some of the key issues facing our high tech society.

She shares personal experiences that inspire even the faint-hearted to reach new heights. Her presentation, filled with original ideas and concrete examples, teaches techniques that will empower you to make permanent changes in your life. Her mantra was never, "I think I can," but, "I knew I could!" - and you can, too! You will laugh out loud. You will ponder profound insights. You will discover answers in places you've never thought to look.

It is an inside job!!

Entertaining on the Run
Are there only 24 hours in your day?

Do you panic when it is your turn for the dinner club?

Would it be easier to move than to clean your house for a party?

Relax, and hear Blackie's time-saving tips on entertaining, including the basics on becoming a confident hostess. Armed with multiple props and using audience participation, Blackie covers all facets of a good party. The "lapkin-napkin" is the answer to the perfect buffet (see pages 53-54 of It's Fun to Entertain). No matter what party you will be planning, Blackie will give you the confidence and ability to manage social engagements from the first hello to the last goodbye.

Perhaps her most popular presentation, this performance (and it truly is that) assures homemakers and executives alike that entertaining can be fun when you know how. And Blackie shows how with props from unique door decorations and easy menus to proper place settings complete with crystal, china and linens. Before it's all over, Ms. Scott shares personal shortcuts and tricks of the trade that take the hassle out of having company for dinner. This presentation is an entertaining and informative delight for corporate groups, civic organizations and professional associations. Listen to Blackie and you'll see why these audiences say "she makes you want to run right out and give a party!"

Get Your Funny Bone off the Table!

You've honed your technical and administrative skills, so why fuss over something as trivial and old-fashioned as etiquette? Because knowing the social ropes can be a powerful career-boosting tool. Show some good manners at a business lunch with someone you want to impress - a manager, vendor, co-worker or potential employer - and you'll radiate poise and confidence. That kind of social presence can help you create a professional image for yourself and your company, says Blackie.

With the advances in technology, business in general has become more impersonal - we have become essentially anonymous! This in itself is no excuse for our lack of civility and good manners. Practicing good manners gains respect and consideration. Bad manners are simply bad business.

If you're not comfortable making proper introductions, effectively networking, or even selecting the right fork, Blackie can help. Confidence does build success.

Humor Your Tumor - Laugh Into Remission

Having been a much sought after motivational speaker, it was not surprising that Blackie Scott was able to turn her ovarian cancer experience in 1993, and breast cancer in 2001, into an opportunity to inspire others to find their healing spirit and get on with the enjoyments of life! Whether your challenge is physical, emotional or spiritual, Blackie believes that we all need support from each other. This presentation features an angel with only one wing - symbolic of our need to support each other. As we embrace we have two wings, which gives us balance and the ability to cope with life's challenges. We all need to practice performing small, simple acts of caring and kindness... a hug, a thoughtful note, a kind word, laughter... can easily make "the" difference in each others lives.

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